Wonder Woman!!!

I had the theme song in my head the entire time I made my outfit. In actuality, I never watched the show. I was born in 1980 and didn’t even get to see it in reruns. I saw the original Batman series with Adam West in reruns, though, and grew up on other DC Comics. … More Wonder Woman!!!

Geek Craft Sunday by Andie

Originally posted on The Dandies:
This week I am highlighting our tribbles. I started making them a year ago and they’ve joined us in countless shows, as well as at our first con, Ad Astra. Happy 1st Birthday, Tribbles! It’s been quite the year! Holodeck Tribble multiplication Holodeck Tribble selfie Holodeck Tribble party The tribbles…


I mentioned this before and I will mention this again: I am a Star Trek nerd. Along with my wonderful partner in life, the Dandies┬áproduce a monthly Star Trek-inspired comedy variety show here in Toronto. It’s called Holodeck Follies. I started making tribbles for it and have about 38. I haggled for amazing prices on … More Tribbles