Muna and Broad Sculthorpe Pants with Bonus Yanta Overalls

Hello everyone! It’s been a minute. I’ve gotten some really wonderful messages from people asking if I am okay. I’m okay. It’s been a tough month and a bit for me with spiking health issues. This time of the year is bad for me in terms of allergies and migraines. My top two allergens are … More Muna and Broad Sculthorpe Pants with Bonus Yanta Overalls

Seamwork Emmie Top

The Seamwork Emmie top came out last August and I snapped it up immediately, but just didn’t get around to making it until now. The Emmie top is pretty similar to the Roscoe blouse in style. There is a bit of a change from the Roscoe with the sleeve hem shaping and also there is … More Seamwork Emmie Top

Seamwork Mel Joggers

Welcome to 2020 when Andie makes a pattern in the month it was released and almost posts a blog in that month, too. LOL. It probably won’t happen again. The Seamwork Mel Joggers were an instant buy for me. I’ve wanted to make joggers for a while, but most of the patterns are too small … More Seamwork Mel Joggers