Welcome back!

Since starting this blog, I tend to have moments where I don’t post for a while due to my health and not having much sewing to share. I’ve been focused on exclusively sewing (with some smatterings of other things) since I began this blog. That changes now. This is no longer *just* a sewing blog … More Welcome back!

Hello Reader

My last post was in April… I feel like a decade has passed since then. I am still pretty active on Instagram, but mostly posting in my stories. Before I get back to regular posts… Health: I dislocated my knee in May. It took a week for it to get back in place and I … More Hello Reader

Plus-sized Fashion and Sewing Industry

Recently a heated conversation took place on Instagram prompted by SBCC’s recent post on why size inclusivity is not often practiced. The plus-sized community has heard these reasons time and again. Fit models aren’t available, mannequins are more expensive, they can’t get pattern testers (maybe try asking a plus sized community like the Curvy Sewing … More Plus-sized Fashion and Sewing Industry